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Orangée Ring I

Orangée Ring I

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Awaken your true self with the Orange Bangle. ❤️

Discover the Orange Ring, crafted with exquisite Copper and Brass, renowned for their unique warmth. Adorned with a stunning Jade stone, this piece is not just a Bangle but a harmony and love booster. The Jade stone, often referred to as the 'dream stone,' encourages self-actualization and brings balance between the energies of the sun and moon. Elevate your style and spirit with this Harmony Boosting Ring, perfect for anyone seeking to bring more love and harmony into their life.

  • You shine with the radiant beauty of warm metals and jade.
  • Your mind and spirit find peace through balanced energies and harmonizing jade.
  • Become your true self with the empowering properties of dream stone jade.
  • Strengthen relationships and foster love with jade's positive influences.
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