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Aurore Bangle

Aurore Bangle

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Harness ancient powers with Aurore . 🌟

Introducing Aurore, a unique Bangle crafted from vintage brass and adorned with agate stone. Known as a warm metal, the vintage brass balances energies from both the moon and the sun. The agate stone, revered by Babylonians for dispelling evil energy and by Egyptians for its protection against natural disasters, delivers good luck and healing properties. Enhance your style with this protective and healing vintage brass agate necklace today. Buy now and experience the balance and protection of Aurore.

  • Dispel evil energy with Aurore's powerful agate stone.
  • Harness good luck powers from the agate stone in Aurore.
  • Feel protected from disasters with Aurore's healing stone.
  • Balance moon and sun energies with Aurore's vintage brass metal.
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